Local News

Wednesday February 12th, 2020



Many people complain or express concerns of why Americus doesn’t have this or have that. Do you wonder why? Maybe it’s the information that could be determined by the Census and if you don’t participate, you could be one of the reasons why Americus does or does not have that “something” you desire for the City. You will be asked to participate in the 2020 Census soon and when you do, you’re not only helping the cities and all of Sumter County, you could also help companies decide that Americus and Sumter County could be a good fit for them. When it’s time to participate in the 2020 Census, do your civic duty and fill out the Census. The more people that participate could be more beneficial to Americus and Sumter County to get Federal dollars that could also help many people. Be the difference and participate in the 2020 Census.


Today is the deadline to register for tomorrow’s Weed Control Meeting (Row Crops) so that a meal can be prepared for you. Call today—924-4476 and register so that enough food is prepared. If you do not register today, a meal will not be prepared for you tomorrow. The meeting will be held in the Sumter County Ag Center auditorium at 6pm tomorrow evening. UGA Specialists Eric Prostko and Stanley Culpepper will present the program. With your attendance, you can earn 1-hour pesticide credit for private applicator and Commercial applicator Category 21. Call and register today if you have not already done so.


Please join a Bayer 2020 Grower Information Luncheon on Tuesday February 18th at 12 noon at the Sumter County Ag Center. Presented that day will be new Bayer rewards program; DeKalb Corn Hybrid selection and agronomics to maximize yield; Asgrow Soybean varieties and Pipeline; and Deltapine Cotton products including the new class of ’20 varieties. Lunch will be served and again you will need to call 924-4476 if you plan to attend. Earn private and Commercial (Category 21) pesticide credit.


Early voting for the Senate 13 run-off election will begin on Monday February 24th and run through Friday February 28th from 8 to 5 in the Sumter County Elections Office at the Sumter County Courthouse. The election will be held on Tuesday March 3rd ONLY in the following precincts: Airport; Andersonville; Chambliss; Leslie; and Reese Park. To ensure you are eligible to vote in this run-off election, please call the Sumter County Elections Office at 229-928-4580. The run-off is between candidates Jim Quinn and Carden Summers to fill the seat vacated by the death of Sen. Greg Kirk.


The agenda-setting meeting for the Mayor and City Council will be at 6 tomorrow evening in Council Chambers of the Public Safety Building downtown. The meeting is open for the community to attend.


The monthly meeting of the Sumter County BOE will be at 7 tomorrow evening in the boardroom at the SCS Administration Building. This meeting is also open for the community to attend.


Americus Police were kept busy on Tuesday around town. Criminal trespass complaints were made at 231 W. Lamar Street, 122 N. Jackson Street and 701-B Harris Street.


Several arrests were made for shoplifting. Brianna K. Banks was arrested at 1536 E. Forsyth Street. Arrested at Wal-Mart and charged with shoplifting were LaQuilla L. Andrews, Lavictius D. Polk and Denisha A. Mann.


Following a traffic stop on Forsyth Street, Vicki Brewer Jones was arrested for DUI and failure to yield when turning left.


Counterfeit bills were reported at 1604-H E. Forsyth Street and 905-B N. Jackson Street.


At a traffic stop on Rucker at N. Jackson, Kesmond Jones was arrested for driving without a valid license.


A burglary was investigated at 405-A Academy Street.


A hit-n-run accident occurred at 1204 Crawford Street.


Officers answered 3 domestic-related calls yesterday.


There were 2 accidents around town yesterday that had no reported injuries. Following investigation into 1 of the accidents, Blake A. Henderson was arrested for DUI-less safe drugs and colliding with a parked vehicle.




Sumter County Sheriff’s Deputies made 5 traffic stops yesterday. At a stop on Lonnie Lane, Logan J. Tookes was charged with a safety belt violation. Warnings were issued in the other traffic cases. 6 prisoner transports were made. Deputies responded to threats that were made on the SGTC campus. Damage to property occurred in the Courthouse parking lot. Deputies did check the area of 141 Briarwood Circle where shots had reportedly been fired. 1 domestic-related call was answered. A suspicious person complaint was filed at 127 Crumpton Drive.


In the Sumter County Jail today is Eric Marquel Bridges for illegal possession of a controlled substance and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. 1 person was released from jail after posting bond. 1 was back in jail to make bond.