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Wednesday May 27th, 2015



The Sumter County Grand Jury late yesterday afternoon handed down an indictment against Leslie Police Chief Bob Smith. The indictment was on charges of making false statements to law enforcement officers stemming from an earlier drug investigation by the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. Chief Bob Smith is anticipated to be arrested sometime today, according to Investigators.

We got some much needed rain yesterday but some areas got a little more than they wanted. Some thunderstorm warnings were issued late in the afternoon that were accompanied by strong, gusty winds. It was the winds that knocked over some trees in and around the Sumter County area primarily in the western portion of the County. Some limbs were also knocked down from the gusty winds. There have been no reports of any serious damage or any prolonged power outages. There could be a rerun of yesterday’s late afternoon thunderstorms today but many forecasters are now saying our best chance of rain MAY actually occur late in the evening and into the overnight hours. Log onto www.americusradio.com and click on the weather link and see any weather alerts and a look at radar.

The next meeting of the Childhood Obesity Prevention Program is tomorrow evening from 6 to 7:30 at the Rec Department on Rucker Street. New enrollees are still being accepted into the program which is for ages 2 through 18. Both parent AND children must be in attendance for the monthly meetings to receive education, monitoring and the $20 voucher for the free fruits and vegetables. New enrollees will still be accepted into the program so make sure you attend tomorrow night.

While yesterday’s rains were beneficial and welcomed, many still need to water lawns and plants. Water restrictions are in place for you to do just that. If you live NORTH of Lamar Street, you will water from midnight until 10:30am on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. For those that live SOUTH of Lamar Street, you will water from midnight until 10:30am on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. There is NO watering AT ALL on Fridays.

Don’t forget that trash pick-up is a day behind due to the Memorial Day holiday on Monday. Lenny’s Market downtown is now open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starting at 7am. Fresh local fruits and vegetables are being sold from 7am until 1pm at Lenny’s Market on Hampton Street in downtown Americus.

Americus Police continue to remind citizens to call in any suspicious person or vehicle you see in your neighborhoods. At least 3 different vehicles were reported yesterday in neighborhoods. One sighting had people getting out of the vehicle and knocking on doors where there were no vehicles in the driveway or parked out front. Be mindful of your surroundings and call in anything you deem as suspicious. One arrest was made yesterday when a citizen (retired GSP) witnessed someone going on a neighbor’s carport and walk away with tools. He called in the suspicious activity and officers arrested 17-year old Shadtavis Nesbitt at 303 Columbia Avenue and charged him with theft by taking. In other Tuesday police action, an auto was entered at 1708 Lafayette Street.

A possible credit card scam was reported.

There was a report of a suspicious person and vehicle in the Lakeview Circle area.

Officers responded to a domestic situation at 1:23 this morning to 314 Academy Street.

A hit-n-run accident occurred at 805 Harrold Avenue.

Only 1 accident worked by APD yesterday with no reported injuries.


22 incidents were worked by Sheriff’s Deputies on Tuesday. A total of 7 traffic stops were conducted. At a stop on US 19 north, Jimmy L. Holley was cited for a seat belt violation. Following a stop on US 19 north, Kentrial A. Killens was charged with speeding and driving on a suspended license. Ulysses D. Soloman was cited for a seat belt violation following a stop on US 27 east. Warnings were issued in the other traffic cases. A theft occurred at 63 Valley Drive. Damage to property was reported at Lot 39 106 Lexington Circle. A domestic disturbance was answered at 244 McMath Mill Road.

In the Sumter County Jail today are Gerardo Castro Garcia-holding for USMS and Kentrial Antonio Killens for driving on a suspended license and speeding.