"Local News"

Tuesday March 31st, 2020



We start off with the weather on this last day of March. March won’t be going out like a lamb today, that’s for sure. Possible severe thunderstorms could roll into our area around noon today if it stays on its present track. Expect strong, gusty damaging winds, some hail and maybe even have a tornado pop up. We are in the Slight Risk area for severe weather. Keep an eye to the sky this afternoon. If you have signed up for CodeRed, you will get a notice of any severe weather headed our way. You can sign up for CodeRed at www.sumtercountyga.us and follow the steps. You can also text AlertSumter to 99411 and you’ll get a direct link to the enrollment form on your mobile device.

A first for the Mayor and City Council at a called meeting yesterday. The meeting was held by teleconference due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A motion was made by Juanita Wilson and seconded by Kelvin Pless to name City Finance Director Deidra Powell as the Interim City Manager. After much discussion it was a 4-2 vote to name Deidra Powell as the Interim City Manager. In favor were Wilson, Brown, Dowdell and Pless with Chase and Christmas voting against. A 1st reading of an emergency ordinance amendment was heard and after suspending the rules, a motion was made by Councilman Dowdell and seconded by Councilman Pless for the sale of alcohol off premises with the purchase of food until 8:30pm. This passed unanimously. This will be on a temporary basis until further notice. After some more discussion of possible action later by the Council the teleconference meeting ended.

The normal due date for the 2020 Mobile Home tax bills is April 1st but that deadline has been extended until Wednesday June 3rd. Interest and penalties will begin on June 4th according to the Tax Commissioner’s Office.

April 1st is the deadline to file Real and Personal Property tax returns; Homestead Exemption applications; and Specialized Assessment applications announced by the Sumter County Board of Assessors. Applications can be found on www.qpublic.net/ga/Sumter. If you have questions, contact the office by calling 229-928-4514 between 8 and 5 Monday through Friday. Also, the April 7th meeting of the Sumter County Board of Assessors has been cancelled.

Webster County reached out to Local News yesterday and said a curfew has been implemented as of last night. The curfew in Webster County is from 9pm until 5am. An emergency blood drive in Webster County will be held on April 7th. You will need to sign-up at www.redcrossblood.org. CodeRed is also available in Webster County now and they encourage citizens in Webster County to sign-up.

 It was another fairly quiet day around town yesterday for the Americus Police. Thefts did occur at 611 E. Forsyth Street and at 210 E. Forsyth Street.

A shoplifting incident was reported at 1301 E. Lamar Street.

Responding to a domestic situation last evening at 306-A Tabby Lane, Shanita Mann and Clyde Larkins were arrested and charged with criminal trespass.

Officers answered a total of 3 domestic-related calls and 1 miscellaneous call on Monday.

A hit-n-run accident occurred on E. College Street.

There were 2 accidents worked by APD yesterday with no reported injuries.

Americus Police and other law enforcement issued warnings to violators of the curfew in effect from 9pm until 6am for the first few days but will be issuing citations to violators from now on. 1 arrest was made this past weekend at 4:24 Saturday morning. The curfew in Sumter County is in effect until conditions with the COVID-19 virus have improved.


Monday was another rather quiet 24-hour period for the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. 1 traffic stop was conducted. A miscellaneous call was made at 162 Pearl Drive. Deputies responded to 1 domestic situation. A theft took place from 529 Mask Road. Deputies went to the Sylvan Drive area for reported gunshots. A criminal trespass complaint was made on Desoto Seed Farm Road. A suspicious person complaint was made on W. Ellaville Street in Andersonville.

1 person was released from the Sumter County Jail yesterday after posting bond.

April 1st is Census Day 2020. If you have already filled out and sent in your Census, you’re in good shape. If you haven’t, take the time to do so but the deadline has been extended with everything concerning the COVID-19 virus. If you can, go ahead and fill out the Census. The information gathered will be used to help our community get much-needed federal monies. The more that fill out and return the Census, the better for our community.