“Local News”

Monday March 30th, 2020



The noon Sunday numbers from the Phoebe system were released and the entire Phoebe system now shows 482 positive results for the COVID-19 virus. Sumter County saw the first 2 virus-related deaths on Friday and that is still the case as of noon yesterday. Phoebe Sumter is now reporting 10 positive patients and there are 13 inpatients awaiting their results. Throughout the entire Phoebe system there are now 1208 patients that are waiting for their test results. The total negative results now stands at 772. For precautionary measures, anyone entering a Phoebe hospital starting today will be issued a mask that must be worn.


In addition to being concerned about the COVID-19 virus, now you will need to keep an eye to the sky on Tuesday. A line of strong-to-severe weather will be heading our way after noon on Tuesday. Some areas will see wind gusts over 30mph and if a severe thunderstorm DOES pop up, rainfall could be heavy. As of this morning at 6am, we are in the area of an inch of rain or less but if the system tracks different those rainfall totals could jump. We are not expecting the heavy downpours like we saw earlier in the month but the storms COULD have strong, gusty damaging winds, possible hail and even a tornado. The bottom line is to be aware of the potential for severe weather on Tuesday afternoon.


A called meeting of the Mayor and City Council will be held via teleconference this afternoon. In times of emergency conditions, these meetings can be held by teleconference so long as notice has been provided and simultaneous access is afforded to the teleconference meeting. To gain access to the teleconference meeting this afternoon at 5:30, dial in to 978-990-5000 using the access code: 425018 and when prompted use the “#” key. Please mute your phone once you’re connected. This is a called meeting to decide whether City Financial Director Diadra Powell will be named as the Interim City Manager.


Many things occurred over this past weekend connected to the COVID-19 virus and one was a good one for Sumter County. FEMA announced a $6.3 million grant and Sumter County was one of a handful that will be getting part of that grant. State parks are now on the radar of being totally shut down as many are gathering on the state’s lake and rivers in numbers that are exceeding the mandate of no more than 10 at a time anywhere. More and more type things will be closed or limited access if people continue to gather in large groups.


It was a quiet weekend for the Americus Police. There were 5 domestic-related calls answered which were the most domestic calls in at least 3-days.


A felony burglary was investigated at 525 E. Furlow Street.


There was a shoplifting incident reported at 704 N. Lee Street.


Responding to a disturbance at 4:24 Saturday morning at 12B 1130 Felder Street, Jada C. Harpe was arrested for violation of the curfew.


Criminal trespass complaints were made at 420 Barlow Street and at 215-A Murphy Mill Road.


A simple battery occurred at 931 N. Jackson Street and another at 609-C Eastview Apartments.


A theft took place from 538 Tripp Street.


Officers checked out civil matters at 141-A and 141-B Cherokee Street as well as 1204 Crawford Street.


Counterfeit money was reported and turned over to officers at 1309 E. Lamar Street.


Damage to property was reported.


A hit-n-run accident occurred at 218 McCoy Street.


Officers did respond to 3 miscellaneous weekend calls around town.


There were 5 accidents worked by APD that had no reported injuries.


The normal due date for the current 2020 Mobile Home Tax Bill is April 1st. That deadline has been extended to Wednesday June 3rd. Interest and penalties will begin on June 4th.


The Sumter County Board of Assessors has announced that April 1st is the deadline to file Real and Personal Property tax returns; Homestead Exemption applications; and Specialized Assessment applications. Applications can be found online at www.qpublic.net/ga/Sumter. If you have questions, the best way to contact the office is by calling 229-928-4514 between 8 and 5 Monday-Friday.