“Local News’

Friday January 21st, 2022



We start with a look at the weather because unless you haven’t been paying attention at all this week, today could turn out to be a cold and dreary day. Many woke up to the upper 30s this morning (37 at 6 on Highway 30) and the high won’t warm up much at all. As a matter of fact, as the winds pick up our high for today of 44-degrees will feel much colder than that. Factor in the rains mainly this afternoon and if you will be out and about, it could feel miserable. Tonight, the frozen precipitation is all but gone although we will have a cold rain in the forecast. The rains should end by midnight before it falls below freezing meaning there SHOULD be no problems on the roads. However, be on the lookout for black ice if you will be out first thing tomorrow morning as a precaution. Tomorrow will be clearing with sunshine by the afternoon. It will be clear and cold tomorrow night with lows in the mid-to-upper 20s, the first time for sub-freezing temperatures in our winter forecast. A slight warm-up will take place on Sunday with highs back in the 50s. If you have weekend plans than includes traveling, check ahead on road conditions especially if you’re heading towards the NE Georgia area. Stay safe and warm this weekend.


The January meeting of the Mayor and City Council was held last night with Mayor Lee Kinnamon presiding. After a lengthy consent agenda of 15 items was approved, the meeting moved to agenda items. It was agreed that NEOS be given access to wiring and cabling the Customer Service Center and was passed unanimously. City Manager Diadra Powell was given the go-ahead to negotiate with the City of Albany for purchase of vehicles for the City of Americus Public Works Department and spend up to $10,000. This passed 4-1 with Council member Dowdell voting against. Council member Juanita Wilson was absent due to a death in the family. Mayor Lee Kinnamon was named to serve on the River Valley Regional Commission replacing Council member Nelson Brown whose term had expired. One other appointment was tabled until next month. After some comments and announcements, the first regular meeting of the year was adjourned.


The Mayor and City Council was given a COVID update last night from William Peterson, VP of Operations with Phoebe Putney. Overall in the Phoebe system of Albany, Americus and Sylvester, there are currently 172 patients being treated with 26 here at Phoebe Sumter. A total of 33 are in ICU in all 3 hospitals. He did mention that it now appears that the Atlanta area seems to be peaking and if the trend continues, SW Georgia will be peaking within 2-weeks so maybe we will start to see the numbers begin to drop in the days to come. If you follow the data and the science, it had been widely promoted that this latest surge will begin to decrease by the end of this month and now it appears we are on track.


A face-to-face Corn Production meeting is planned for noon on Thursday January 27th at the Sumter County Ag Center. This year, seating is limited (50) at all Ag Production meetings. You MUST call now at 924-4476 and confirm if you will be attending next week. There will be a sponsored meal so call NOW to reserve your seat and meal. DO NOT just show up for this meeting! If you are ill, have a fever or know you have a contagious disease, PLEASE do not attend the Ag Production meetings! Face masks are strongly encouraged to be worn inside the Ag Center building. Other upcoming Ag Production meetings are: Cotton on Tuesday February 1st; Peanut Monday February 7th; Weed Control on Thursday February 10th; and Pecan on Wednesday February 23rd.


If the Americus Police reports are any indication from Thursday because of the weather, this coming weekend should be extremely quiet—SHOULD BE that is. A total of 7 incidents were worked by officers on Thursday. Investigation is underway into an aggravated stalking and for a case of identity theft/fraud. A simple battery occurred in the Crawley Street area. Officers answered 2 domestic-related and 2 miscellaneous calls yesterday. 3 accidents worked by APD had no reported injuries. As a reminder, if we do get the expected rain today, PLEASE drive with your headlights ON!




Thursday was another relatively quiet 24-hour shift for the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. 1 traffic stop was conducted on US 280E and John C. Funderburk was cited for improper passing in a no-passing zone. 3 abandoned vehicles were checked on. 3 prisoner transports were made. A theft took place from 196-B Loop Road. Deputies responded to the area of 149 Sylvan Ridge for shots reportedly fired. Deputies did work 2 deer-related accidents yesterday.


In the Sumter County Jail today is Jeffrey Boone for failure to appear.